Dear Teresa

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I work on old fashioned principles.
I feel the need to write to you- a very big Thank You for how professional and individual your service has been, I was delighted this morning when you were able ts confirm the delivery at such short notice, and take care of all the paperwork. Fantastic, this level of service is very rare here. The company I delivered the goods to-brilliant- friendly in the office- even a smile, and the warehouse so organized and clean- Brilliant

A very big Thank You again


Camberwell Cane

Ben and Julie

Dear Teresa

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We found Teresa to be very professional and she had everything organised for the safe packing,
removal and delivery of our belongings from Australia to Norfolk Island, especially with us bringing the boat . We highly recommend her services if you are thinking of relocating

Ben and Julie

Happy Customers

Thanks Teresa

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Yes, everything went very well. Fraser and his crew did a great job – quick, efficient, careful – and Peter picked up the crates
and some packing material yesterday as promised.

We are very happy customers.

Regards, Pippa.

Sue and Bill

Dear Teresa

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I am writing to thank you for your assistance with the removal of our personal effects from Norfolk Island.
It was wonderful that you were able to arrange the collection, shipping, storage and delivery of our goods and it all happened at precisely the time that was suitable to us, and without any damage whatsoever. The delivery people even offered to come back to collect the empty boxes.

Such is the demand for tradesmen in Sydney that we have only this week finished the landscaping of our backyard, which was the next stage after the interior work, so it’s really been a busy time on top of full time work.

Thanks for your assistance.

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year
Sue and Bill

Shiralee Cottages

Dear Teresa

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A quick note to thank you for the way you handled the freight and handling of our 3 new cars from Brisbane to Norfolk Island.

I appreciated not having to do a thing once I had contacted you with the details of the vehicles.

They arrived without a hitch and your keeping me informed along the way was much appreciated.

The three vehicles are now in service in our rental fleet .

I will contact you when we bring further vehicles in.

Best Regards
David Bell
Shiralee Executive Cottages


We recently purchased a home on Norfolk Island.

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Purchasing a home in your own backyard is hard enough without buying one thousands of miles away
and a large stretch of water in between. Then house contents had to be sourced to make it liveable. We had the necessary items in our own country and needed to get these freighted to the Island.

Teresa and her team supported us all the way through this process from the design and size of the crate, construction material and regulations with regard to the wood the crate was made of and strength required.

It was a step by step process and Teresa was there with us every step of the way.

Even in our moments of anxiety, Teresa was only an email away.

We were on the Island when the crate arrived and Teresa was there on the dock ensuring her cargo was being looked after and the correct procedures were followed.

Our crate arrived at the house and following the customs inspection Teresa had one of her family assist in unpacking the crate as we were under time pressure to have the contents put in the house prior to leaving for home.

If you ask the question did we get good service?

Well I think the latter speaks for itself.

Would I use her company again? – it’s already in the address file on my computer.



Thank you, Teresa!

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I recently relocated from Scotland to Norfolk Island. This incredibly daunting move was made amazingly simple
and hassle-free thanks to Teresa from Norfolk Forwarding.

Teresa was initially recommended to me by a former resident and I found her wealth of experience, knowledge of local formalities and advice to be invaluable. She supervised the entire procedure for me, liasing directly with my UK shipping agent in order to ensure the correct packaging and protection for onwarding shipping to Norfolk Island.

My possessions arrived in perfect condition despite a long and difficult journey caused by the bad weather encountered en route. On arrival on Norfolk Island, she organised for my belongings to be transported directly to my new home, ready for the customs clearance

The whole procedure was managed exceptionally well from start to finish and I would highly recommend Teresa with her calm, efficient and friendly service for a trouble-free experience.



Absolute pleasure Teresa.

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You have been great to deal with during the whole process and I will be recommending you to anyone
who has need of your service for Norfolk Island Freight.


Good morning Teresa,

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As above, a really big belated thank you for all your patience, assistance & guidance during my 'journey'
from the big island to this small island.

Your name was recommended to me by a good friend, and I am pleased she did suggest you.

From Sydney, with the removalists there, by sea to Kingston pier & finally up to Grassy Road, everything seemed to happen so smoothly & effortlessly.

Then your final assessment of the Sydney packing plus island transport resulted in a big smile from me.

Thank you.

I have talked about the other trash & treasure which I plan on bringing here, and would be pleased if you could do your magic with another smaller shipment


Glenn & Sandy

To whom it may concern:

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When we moved from the United States to Norfolk Island, we chose Norfolk Forwarding Services
to help us move our personal belongings and a vehicle. Teresa at Norfolk Forwarding offers a one-stop solution for anyone needing to ship freight to Norfolk Island. She can arrange for everything from pick-up of your goods to packing/crating/shipping and clearing customs. She also provides detailed descriptions of the entire process with crucial instructions for the novice to ensure a trouble-free experience. Teresa has an unparalleled knowledge of the intricacies of Norfolk Island’s Customs regulations – this knowledge and her years of experience on Norfolk helped us immeasurably as our goods arrived while we were off island. Teresa oversaw the offloading of our goods from the ship and accompanied everything to a secure storage facility that was acceptable to the Customs officials. When we returned to Norfolk she arranged for our goods to clear Customs inspection at the storage site and was with us for that inspection to ensure that all legal requirements were met. If you want a worry-free experience when shipping to Norfolk Island we highly recommend Teresa and Norfolk Forwarding Services.

Glenn and Sandy

Mike & Sue

Moving is stressful to say the least.

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Moving halfway around the world is not only daunting but also frightening and over-whelming.

With the direct and consistent interaction of a professional international mover the challenge becomes much more reassuring and calming.

Teresa at Norfolk Forwarding was a true blessing.

Her professionalism, knowledge and contacts saved the day for us and would highly recommend her service.

Most sincerely,
Mike and Sue
Formerly USA

Paul & Conni

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Teresa of Norfolk Forwarding Services facilitated our move from Sydney to Norfolk Island.
She was absolutely fantastic and at all times very professional in the manner in which our shipment was handled.

From our initial contact to long after delivery she was always available to answer any questions about the shipping of our valued household items and car to Norfolk Island. Being novices at trans-Tasman shipping she managed everything from pickup to delivery and took away all the stress of such a monumental move. Thank you Teresa.

Paul & Conni

So Professional!


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Now the dust has settled, I wanted to thank you for your help in bringing my car and treasures to the island.

The whole move was done professionally, and with no complications, and for this, I thank you.


Thoroughly Recommended

Dear Teresa

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I would like to thank you for your ongoing service over the past 18 months.
As it has certainly helped with moving to Norfolk Island from Australia.

With the tonnes of freight that you handled for us we have only had 1 minor item of damage which was caused by circumstances outside of your control and the insurance claim on this you handled in an efficient and professional manner.

I would thoroughly recommend your business to any persons wishing to transport freight by sea or air to and from Norfolk Island.

Most grateful,

Done Professionally

To Whom it May Concern:

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We recently moved from the Gold Coast to Norfolk Island to retire.

One of biggest concerns was what to bring and how to get it to Norfolk Island in the most successful way.

We ended up having to move 3 x 6 cu/m liftvans from the Gold Coast to Brisbane to the ship.

We also decided to bring one of our cars, a Lexus IS 200.

The lift vans were packed and transported to Brisbane through a removalist from the Gold Coast.

Once at the depot in Brisbane they became the responsibility of Teresa at Norfolk Forwarding.

We organised the car direct with Teresa via emails and successfully delivered the car to her agent in Brisbane.

Our car and the personal possessions came on to separate ships, due to the removalist missing the cut off date in Brisbane for the Southern Tiare.

Our car arrived successfully and without any damage on the Southern Tiare and was professionally supervised by Teresa at this end handling all the necessary customs and importation documentation.

Our personal possessions were held up in Brisbane but due to some thoughtful and professional negotiation Teresa was able to transfer our freight to another ship, The Guardian, which arrived at Norfolk 2 days after our car.

Had that not happened we would have been without our personal possession for at least another 4 weeks. Having been living out of a suit case for 3 months, this was a huge blessing.

Once again Teresa handled the arrival of our possessions at this end and everything arrived at our door in perfect condition.

Everything arrived at our door as per the quote given before we left the Gold Coast.

We have to say we were impressed with the professional way Teresa handled the total freight forwarding operation for us and would thoroughly recommend her services to anybody requiring similar services.

Steve and Lorraine

A Great Testimonial – Thank You

Dear Teresa

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In January of this year, having made a decision to move from Auckland, New Zealand, to Norfolk Island,
I faced the daunting prospect of shipping my personal effects and car.

After a recommendation from a leading Norfolk Island estate agent, I contacted Norfolk Forwarding Services with a view to using their services for this move.

As it turned out, this was a sound move – everything was done properly – the liaison with New Zealand forwarders, and the motor vehicle handlers, was first class. Full documentation was provided, and the whole move went exceedingly well.

To put things into perspective, I handed my car to the shippers on Thursday, 23 January – it was shipped out the following weekend on the ‘Norfolk Guardian’ (as were some of my effects), and it arrived on Norfolk Island the following Friday, 31 January. Customs clearance was supervised by Norfolk Forwarding Services, and this was effected without any delays.

Having been in the business of dealing with forwarding and customs agents for many years, being manager of a US-based scientific equipment company’s New Zealand branch office, I was most impressed with the very friendly and most efficient service provided by Norfolk Forwarding Services. Certainly, I got value for money!